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Yaseen Trading Inc. was established and proceeds to be overseen by natural experts with a long time of involvement serving as natural and IT directors within the fabricating industry and state government. Our number one need is solid, secure benefits for our clients. We take after a strict NO LANDFILL approach, as all components and frameworks that are reused through Yaseen Trading Inc. will either be remanufactured to a usable status and exchanged or reused at the component level to the hardware, metals, and plastics businesses.
We have to assess each client’s needs to decide what benefit is required. Call us or fill out our online data ask frame and let us know about your circumstance. Our objective is to supply a benefit that meets the wants of each school, or company. Yaseen Trading Inc. ensures that your gear will not be put in a landfill, really reusing or finding a way to reuse your hardware.
Your hardware will be picked up by one of our coordinations suppliers and after that taken to one of our nearby offices. In the event that you’re taking part in our national program, Yaseen Trading Inc. will choose up your framework through a trusted carrier, such as FedEx or a comparative over-the-road carrier. The utilized hardware will be conveyed to our distribution center for handling. Once the gear has been gotten and prepared, each information gadget is wiped clean by IT experts with an exclusive program that meets NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M Division of Defense measures. The hardware is then sent for advance preparing to decide on the off chance that it’ll be reused or remanufactured and remarketed. Where the security of information is of awesome concern, Yaseen Trading Inc. can come onsite and at all times expel all information from capacity gadgets sometime recently bundling them for pickup.
You just have to put everything in one area where it can be effectively stacked onto our trucks. In the event that you’re partaking in our national program, your gear ought to be bundled on 4’x4′ beds, no higher than 4: tall, and stretch-wrapped to guarantee secure conveyance to the distribution center. In the event that you are doing not have your own shipping staff on site that can plan the hardware for conveyance, as a benefit-based company, we are able to come to your location and bundle the hardware and stack the truck for you. If it’s not too much trouble let us know on the off chance that you wish help bundling the hardware once you plan your pickup.
A planned time will be worked out with you for the pickup of your hardware that best meets your needs. We are able often to choose up the following day and we are going work to suit any time for the pickup, counting evenings and ends of the week.
Yaseen Trading Inc. recycles in one of two ways: remanufacturing and remarketing your more up-to-date utilized hardware or by demanufacturing and sending each of the recyclable components of your out-of-date hardware to a particular reusing industry such as the plastic or metals industry. We pursue all remarketing choices all through the industry to put utilized hardware back into a benefit. Hardware is remarketed through an assortment of channels counting online stores, Web sell-off locales, and in spite of the fact that a arrange of affiliates. No hardware or parcels of the hardware are ever sent to a landfill.
You’ll be able to plan a pickup by completing the online form here or by calling us at the number above. Once the hardware has been picked up, each piece of hardware is followed to its final goal by us. You’ll be able to continuously check the status of your hardware by calling us.

Do you have any question? Feel free to contact.

It would be ideal if you complete the contact form if you are a business, school area, college, or government substance in require of hardware and computer recycling. Note that we don’t offer pickups to private clients.

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